Pressure Regulator

  • Double Stage SS Regulator (Inlet Pressure Gauge 0-280 Kg/Cm2, Outlet Pressure 0-15Kg/Cm2) & High-Pressure Piston Type (Inlet Pressure Gauge 0-400 Kg/Cm2, Outlet Pressure 0-300Kg/Cm2)
  • High Pressure Regulator (Inlet Pressure Gauge 0-400 Kg/Cm2, Outlet Pressure 0-250Kg/Cm2)
  • Fixed Flow Regulator (0.5LPM/1LPM)

Product Features- Double Stage

  • Cylinder Pressure delivery regulator
  • 6 ports flexible configuration stable outlet pressure
  • Outlet pressure regulation by Knob¬†
  • Stainless steel 316/316L/304/Monel body and bonnet for corrosive and toxic gases
  • Body, Monel for gas services like pure H2S, HCl and Cl2

Typical Application

  • Component testing
  • Calibration systems
  • Laboratory pressure control
  • High pressure sampling systems
  • Service & test equipment