Gas Manifold Systems and Tapping Points

AMIPL manifold stations and tapping points for Oxygen as well as for the fuel gases Acetylene, Propane, Hydrogen, Ethene and natural gas. Furthermore, AMIPL gas manifolds systems and tapping points are available for Nitrogen, Helium, CO2 and gas mixtures which are used for shielding gas welding (MIG/MAG, WIG), such as Argon/Helium and Argon/CO2. The gas supply stations are suitable for inlet pressures of 25 bar Acetylene and up to 300 bar for Oxygen or high-compressed, non-corrosive gases from bundles or cylinders.

The stationary gas manifolds for Acetylene meet the safety related requirements as per the standard DIN EN 14114. So they include an automatic quick-action shut-off valve downstream the regulator and a safety devices according to EN ISO 5175-1 (decomposition arrestor) at the outlet of the pressure regulator. Furthermore, the IBEDA gas supply stations for Acetylene and technical gases are BAM certified.

The AMIPL pressure regulating stations are available as single-sided manifold (simultaneous gas withdrawal from all cylinders or bundles connected) as well as manifold with manual switch-over. Contact gauge and alarm device available on request.



  • Compact design
  • Tested for strength, function and tightness before shipment
  • Pre-assembled modules, just bolting and mounting has to be done on-site
  • Low installation costs
  • Extendable modules
  • Equipped with all design-type tested safety devices required

Technical data for gas manifolds

  • Gas type: Acetylene, Oxygen and high-compressed non-corrosive gases
  • Inlet pressure: Acetylene 25 bar, other gases 200/300 bar
  • Working pressure: Acetylene 1.5 bar (special version up to 2.5 bar), other gases up to 60 bar
  • Nominal flow rate: Acetylene 5 to 150 Nm3/h, Oxygen and high-compressed gases 60 to 320 Nm3/h
  • Number of cylinders: up to 2×6 cylinders by default
  • Number of bundle: up to 2×12 bundles
  • Work piece: stainless steel mounting plate, cylinder connections with design-type tested non-return valve
  • Acetylene supply stations include an automatic quick-action shut-off valve in their high-pressure area

Technical data tapping points

  • Gas type: Acetylene, Oxygen and high-compressed, non-corrosive gases
  • Inlet pressure: Acetylene 1.5 bar (2.5 bar), other gases up to 60 bar
  • Flow rate: inert gas 0-30 l/min gauge, 0-14 l/min or 0-40 l/min flow meter, Acetylene up to 15 Nm3/h, Propane up to 10 Nm3/h, Oxygen up to 200 Nm3/h.
  • Assembly: connection piece, ball valve, brazing- or welding nipple and swivel nut as required.